Welcome to Fluffs'n'Stuff

Pets brighten up our lives, but sometimes we need help to give them the care they deserve. With today’s pace of life, it can be hard to find time to do many important things, from taking care of our pets to managing the day-to-day demands of home and work.

That’s where Fluffs'n‘Stuff comes in. Living locally, in Richmond, I can help you take care of all those small but important things, which can allow you the time and energy to deal with the bigger ‘stuff’.

Holiday Pet and House Care - Feed your pets while you are on holiday (and water the plants, tidy the post and fill the fridge for your return).

Daily Pet Care - Take your pet to the vet or just give them a little company during the day.

Flufdog walfs’n’Stuff takes the pressure off your busy lives



For information about ARC, please click on their logo


Please take a look at Rainbow Rabbits Retirement Home, a small sanctuary for disabled and elderly rabbits.



Hi, I am Gill and I run Fluffs’n’Stuff

I am sure you will want to know a little bit about me before deciding on whether to let me into your home.

Having previously worked as a senior PA to directors of medium and large organisations - and reached an age where I’ve begun to find corporate life just a little stifling - I’ve decided to cut loose and form Fluffs'n'Stuff.

My BIG love has always been animals - associating with them, tending them, caring for them - so working around animals will get me out of bed early every day !!  

I volunteer for ARC (my local animal charity), rehoming unwanted rabbits, and spend one afternoon a week cleaning the hutches and giving all the bunnies a cuddle.

References from previous managers will show that I am trustworthy and very reliable. Having had a lot of interaction with customers and senior members of the company, I’m very good with people. I also have testimonials from pets who I have walked or looked after, telling how much they love me taking care of them.

I have lived in Richmond with my husband for 20 years and we love it here. I want to carry on working locally so I can spend time with my own six rabbits, so with Fluffs’n’stuff I’m always just around the corner.